Ways to split User stories

This post is from lassekoskela.com by Lasse Koskela

I’m sitting in the hallway in Limerick, Ireland, attending the XP2008 conference, downloading something from the company server to my laptop, eavesdropping on an open space session hosted by J.B.. He’s talking about user stories and roughly 4 minutes ago he mentioned he’s got a blog post up on his website that shows an example of four ways to split a story.

Since I’m so Web 2.0, I’m blogging about this while they’re having their open space session two meters from where I’m sitting. I tried to be Web 2.0 and blog this while they were running their open space session but I’m so darn slow and old school that it took me 2 days to get this written! Hardly enough to blog about it as it happens. I should’ve recorded a podcast, I guess.

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