Monsters Built Using Kanban

This post is from by Stephanie Kaiser.

I am not a big Facebook fan (although Zuckerberg is very Agile). Nor am I a big online gaming fan (though Warcraft seems like tons of fun).

What I am interested in are all things Agile. It seems like one of the most popular Facebook games out there has been built utilizing Kanban. Now that’s something worth reading about.

According to Wooga Product Lead Stephanie Kaiser, the development team has fully embraced some Agile principles:

Short Release Cycles

They work in weekly release cycles using a mixture (or, as they say: the best) of Kanban and Scrum. Every Tuesday they release a new version of the game on Facebook. The next development cycle begins on Tuesday and continues until that Friday. Over the weekend they refresh our minds and prepare to fix the bugs found in the new version that Monday.

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