Seven Things I Hate About Agile

This post is from by Andy Singleton.

Last week Assembla posted a bunch of “agile” words on our home page.  I resisted doing this for years, because the word “agile” doesn’t necessarily have a good feel to it.  It’s a refuge for a lot of organizations and people that aren’t very agile.  The original idea is great.  It stands for releasing software frequently, with short lags for the implementation of valuable new features and ideas. The productivity of software development increases every year, and in theory you could use the word “agile” to describe many of the things that are light and bright, great and good, fast and fun about our new world.  But, if we want to use the word “agile” for this, we have to burn off the stink of stagnation that surrounds the old “agile.” So, here are seven things I hate about “agile.”

Old people: Agile has the smell of death on it.   If you go to an “agile” event you will see few people under the age of 40 and many over 50. These attendees are on average much older than the average age of programmers, and often older than the people running today’s hot software companies.  Why aren’t more younger people grasping at agile straws?

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