NLP Modelling – Unleashing The Innovator Within

This post is from by Jack Carroll.

Over the last two weeks we at the Academy have been delivering our bi-annual NLP Master Practitioner certification. Those of you who have trained at the Academy or tune in to our monthly feature will know that teaching and applying NLP modelling is of the highest priority here. To put it simply Modelling is the purest application of NLP, it is what this field is built upon. Now I mentioned the Master Practitioner because at this program all of our delegates undertake a modelling project that is of interest to them. Projects this year ranged from Martin Luther King, Shakespearian sonnet performances to headstands and juggling. The participants were amazed at the speed they assimilated the patterning when modelling, free from conscious awareness just like the early NLP innovators did when modelling Erickson, Satir and Perls.

I’m very lucky to have had opportunities to learn and model John Grinder, Stephen Gilligan and Frank Pucelik and to hear their own personal experiences on the modelling which led to the set of patterns which formed NLP. I must confess my amazement at their (and all the other early developers) commitment and creativity in investing their time, energy, modelling, coding, testing and teaching the patterns that Perls, Satir and Erickson demonstrated in the change work and therapies they delivered. What we know from NLP and all the other systems that have been inspired by NLP comes from this unconscious assimilation from modelling. So for me NLP modelling is an essential skill that is a must for anyone interested in human excellence to know about and apply. Imagine the benefits to you in knowing how to model and decode the difference that makes the difference in successful business people, leaders, presenters, sportspeople, happy people, healthy people, creative people etc……  Below are the steps to do just that.

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