The Art of Embracing Change

This post is from by Rachel Davies.

I enjoyed giving a keynote speech at GOTO Berlin about “The Art of Embracing Change”. The title of my talk was inspired by the subtitle of Kent Beck’s “Extreme Programming Explained” and of course coaching is all about change. Keynotes are supposed to be opinionated and provide food for thought so I gave it my best shot.

At the heart of software development is an important truth “all things must change”. Software is an amazing invisible material made of thought that can be changed any time – its softness is a defining characteristic. The available technology (frameworks/languages/libraries) that we can use to solve business problems evolves and business needs also change as the market evolves. Change is something a software developer is likely to grapple with throughout their career. Our instinct is to cope by fighting change, we owe it to ourselves to get better at anticipating change and handling it.

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