Adaptive Leadership eBook Just Published!

This post is from by Jim Highsmith.

My new eBook, Adaptive Leadership: Accelerating Enterprise Agility is out!

We are at a tipping point. Technology—cloud, big data, mobility, social media—tops CEO’s list of concerns per a recent IBM study. “There has been no other point in history when so many aspects of disruptive change have collided and conspired to wreak havoc,” writes retail prophet Doug Stephens. Companies that emerge successfully from this havoc will need to build agility into the very fabric of their organizations and develop the technological savvy to enable that agility. Adaptive Leadership provides a framework for such a transformation.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been thinking, writing, and speaking about issues of adaptive/agile leadership and organizational transformations. The agile movement has greatly impacted software development over the last decade since the Agile Manifesto was signed. The two underlying themes of the agile movement have been reasonably successful (there’s always progress to be made)—namely, building better software and increasing satisfaction (and fun) at work. In a growing number of companies, agile/Lean values and practices have been infused throughout the organization, although there remain too few of these pioneers.

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