Fear is Waterfall

This post was written by me and first published on the trainline engineering blog.

The terror of owning a decisionThe big selling point of Agile is the fast return on investment it promises. But what excites me most about Agile is its emphasis on people – agility done well injects humanity back into activities which Waterfall has made bureaucratic and devoid of care. In short, care does not scale. Waterfall’s “inhumanity” comes from the command-and-control paradigm. Teams are not empowered to make the best decisions based on their know-how. Instead this is taken out of the hands of the team and decided by others who are not actually going to get their hands dirty.

Agility is equated with empowerment, but how is empowerment achieved? I often find teams expecting empowerment to come packaged and delivered to their desks: “we want to be empowered, but we are waiting to be told so” …

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