Gamification in Software Development and Agile

This post is from by Renee Troughton.

When people think of the term ‘gamer’ it engenders ideas of pasty white teenagers living their days in a zombie like state in the basement of their parents house spending over forty hours a week with their eyes glued to the pixels on their screen smashing keys on their keyboard. Despite this stereotype, 72% of American households have at least one digital gamer in their family (up by 5% from 2010) and with the introduction of small games on the iPhone and iPad and through social mediums such as Facebook, the digital gaming door has been re-opened to a whole new audience. Growth of the gaming industry is only expected to rise.

Most of us have actually been gaming ever since we played our first board game, at an age when we didn’t know how to read or write. In our early teens we turned to a different form of game, the physical version, sports. In our adult life we have been playing an entirely different and often less motivating game, the political and strategic game, work. If you add up all the time playing the ‘work game’, the ‘sports game’ and the digital games on our PCs, smart devices and consoles we are all spending a good portion of our life playing games, some engaging and fun, others less so.

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