Kanban or Scrum? Know your constraints before you take the plunge

This post is from ambitiousmanager.com by Tom Sedge.

Many people think that the answer to their problems is to pick an agile approach and use it to deliver their services. In doing this they frequently put the needs of service development ahead of the wider organisation and risk overlooking well-known constraints and context that will trigger failure. Kanban, Scrum and XP each have several key implications which need to be properly understood before taking the plunge.

Whooah! Stop and hold that decision, just for a moment. Before you make a choice that might trap you.

There are a thousand places where you can learn about how Scrum and Kanban work but few properly explore their wider implications. The reality is that service development doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it is intrinsically linked to strategy, market conditions, sales, delivery cycles and support considerations, and of course customer need, let’s not forget that!

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